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Country Weddings Part 2 ~~ Maldon, Vic, Australia

In part 1 of our country wedding special, we suggested a great way to host a country wedding would be to 'borrow' a friend or relative's rural property for the day. However, of course, not everybody knows someone who owns or has access to a farm. So, if you have your heart set on a country wedding, what to do, where to go?

Last week I wrote that the main attraction for couples who want a country wedding is the homespun, natural feel that country weddings provide. The rustic charm of being surrounded by leafy country lanes, wandering farm animals, rusty old sheds, hay bales and cosy farmhouses with lots of character often carries with it the most unique ingredient of all: history. That particular element isn't something you can easily find in city venues.

   The historic town of Maldon, Victoria, Australia, is both an ideal, and idyllic location for a country wedding.

So yes, look to the country for some historical, full-on charm. Nothing beats the idyllic location of a 100 year-old heritage-listed farmhouse, but why not go one step further and look for an entire heritage-listed town for an even more unique experience? Maldon, which is an old gold-mining town situated in central Victoria, Australia, not only has historical charm, but historical authenticity. Located about 130 kms northwest of Melbourne, it offers an ideal weekend away for city dwellers, but its unique atmosphere also offers an ideal location for a country wedding. Your future wedding will become part of your own family's heritage for future generations, so why not go for an authentic heritage location for your big day as well?

The picturesque main street of Maldon   

First settled in the 1850's as one of Victoria's boom towns during the Australian gold rush of the mid 19th-century, Maldon has the unique distinction of being named Australia's first Notable Town in 1966. This classifies it as a historical precinct, which means it is protected from unsympathetic development. It's a town preserved in all its historical glory, and this makes it a very special destination indeed.

   Rustic charm abounds in Maldon (picture courtesy of www.maldon.org.au)

It's not a theme park, it is a real, thriving community which offers all the essential prerequsites: history (tick) beautiful scenery (tick) charming accommodation (tick) great dining, restaurants and hotels (tick); convenience (tick - the town's main attractions, B & B's and heritage guesthouses are all within walking distance of the picturesque main street); transport (tick - Maldon boasts not only a railway station, but a perfectly restored historical one for the train buffs). Maldon's main street is itself worth the drive up from Melbourne - it was awarded a National Trust Award in 2006 for having the most 'intact historic streetscape in Victoria'.

Beautiful Fairbank House, Maldon.   

One of the best (if not the best) guesthouses in Maldon, is the magnificent Fairbank House. This grand old lady dates back to 1895. Ideal for weekend getaways, this beautiful old country house would also be an unforgettable location to hire for your wedding. It offers lots of possibilities - especially for smaller wedding parties. Depending on the weather and time of the year, you could get married in either the beautiful front garden, or inside in the lovely old drawing room (see below). You could hire local caterers to set up tables either inside or out (again, this would be most suitable for smaller wedding parties) or, another suggestion would be to use Fairbank as the location just for the ceremony, and hold your reception at one of the many heritage-listed local hotels or restaurants nearby. One suggestion is the delightful Penny School, a heritage listed old school house which has been converted into a restaurant/art gallery. It caters for both large and small functions, and is a stone's throw away from the main street, and a two-minute drive from Fairbank.

The possibilities are truly endless for a weekend away in Maldon staying at Fairbank. It would also make a great venue for a girls' weekend away or overnight accommodation for a hen's night or bridal shower, being within walking distance of the main street's excellent country pubs. It would also make a wonderful venue for an engagement party weekend. One thing's for sure, you and your guests will be guaranteed an unforgettable experience packed with vintage charm and Victorian elegance, and a stunning location everyone will be talking about for a long, long time afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed reading about beautiful Maldon. Next week, our theme will be Steampunk weddings, which should be a lot of fun!

In the meantime, once again here are some suggestions for creating your own country wedding, with customized country-themed and vintage wedding invitations and favors from Zazzle, to give you some inspiration ~~

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